TEFL & TESOL Courses in Berkeley

TEFL & TESOL Courses in Berkeley (2)

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Berkeley LTC

Course Type
TEFL/TESOL Certificate

Quality teacher training and professional development to empower trainers, teachers and learners.


Our Guiding Principles

  • Learning
  • Our trainings first and foremost focus on the process of learning. By understanding factors that affect learning among individuals, we believe teachers can make more effective decisions.  


  • Teaching
  • We view teaching as a decision-making process in which teachers consider various options to facilitate the learning process.  Rather than viewing teaching as a prescribed set of techniques, we see teaching as a dynamic engagement between individuals learners and teachers.


  • An experiential hands-on approach
  • Much of our approach is based on theories of experiential learning. In workshops, participants engage in activities and reflect on their own classroom experiences so as to develop their own theories. These ideas are then complemented by theory from experts in the field.


  • Reflective practice
  • Teachers learn by doing and reflecting upon their own experiences and beliefs about teaching and learning. Developing reflective skills enables teachers to make informed intelligent decisions for the classroom and empowers them as they work on their own practice.
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Oxford Seminars: Berkeley Center

Course Type
TEFL/TESOL Certificate

With courses from Manhattan to Miami, San Diego to Seattle, Phoenix to Philadelphia, Tampa Bay to Toronto, and many more in between, Oxford Seminars is the leading provider of teacher training certification courses across the US and Canada. 

Why Teach English Abroad?

  • Immerse yourself in unfamiliar cultures
  • Start new adventures and a new lifestyle
  • Extensive travels to exotic locations
  • Experience an exciting, in-demand job
  • Increased independence and self-reliance
  • Establish rewarding and lasting friendships
  • Help the communities you live and teach in
  • Save considerable amounts of money
  • Gain valuable life and career experience
  • -Experience stories to last a lifetime

Why Choose Oxford Seminars?

  • Over 5,000 Satisfied Graduates Annually
  • Live In-Class Courses with Limited Class Size
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Instructors
  • Comprehensive Curriculum & Course Materials
  • Unparalleled Graduate Placement Service
  • 18+ Years of Industry Experience