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Have you taught or lived abroad before?
I have been teaching abroud for several years but this is my first long term position.
How supportive was your employer?
They do assume that the teachers they hire will be fairly independent but there was training provided and if I had any questions there was always someone I could ask. When there was an emergency, they personally came on their time off to help me.
How did your employer manage the administration side?
There are a lot of sub managers who are very helpful so most of the time there were no problems. I feel fairly treated.
How well did your employer communicate?
Since it is a Japanese company there can sometimes be miscommunications but there are some fully bilingual staff that can help translate or explain.
How were day to day lessons and your students?
I love my students! Lessons varied, some students are really motivated and those classes are easy but some students need a lot of help to learn things so there was a lot of lesson planning.
Would you recommend this employer to someone else?
Yes, I would. I have recommended it to others in fact. You need to be really proactive, flexible and willing to work hard to make it in this job (and country for that matter) but if you are, you can be really succeed here.