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Korea In Pictures

For when you need more than words.

Well if you read the accommodation section, you’ve probably had enough of words.

As good as they are, sometimes you need to see a place before you decide if you want to travel there, let alone teach and live there.

What do the cities, parks and houses look like? Is it beautiful? What's the rural countryside like?

These are all Flickr Streams of people who've taught in Korea or traveled around it and the photos they took while they were there. I deliberately didn't link to any professional photographers, I've tried to keep it as realistic as possible. (Still plenty of good photos, but just from everyday people.)

Let’s look at Korea in pictures.

Brendan's Korea Collection

There are two collections of photos worth looking at here. The first is just photos of living in Korea, a nice combination of people and landscape, the second is photos of actually teaching in Korea. This is the first and this is the second.

MelC's Korea Collection

MelC has three great albums for Korea. They cover teaching, Korea in general and Seoul specifically. The first two albums are quite short at around 200 photos each, the third is a bit of a monster at 800. So check out the smaller two first! First, second and the third.

Nomadic Samuel's Korea Collection

Nomadic Samuel, who runs a well known travel blog also has an excellent collection of photos from his time teaching and travelling in Korea. Click here to see them.

Marnie Recker's Korea Collection

This set of photos from Marnie Recker is an excellent collection of photos, some of teaching, but most just generally of Korea. Click here to see them.