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Korea: Useful Companies, Organisations and Blogs

This page is a collection of useful sites, organisations etc. that might be useful for teachers in Korea.

This page is a bit more random, a collection of various useful things, sites, lists of large companies etc. first up:

Useful websites

  • Ask a Korea – “The Korean” answers questions about Korea and posts them up on his blog. It’s a fascinating look into Korean culture.
  • Waygook – The biggest forum for people living in Korea. It’s active and incredibly useful.
  • Korea4expats – A collection of articles and information on pretty much everything in Korea.
  • Official Visit Korea Site – If you’re trying to plan trips the official website of the tourism office is a good place to start looking.

Korea Government Public teaching programs

  • EPIK - The largest English public teaching program in Korea.
  • GEPIK - Gyeonggi-do has its own public teaching program separate from EPIK.
  • TaLK - This program has the same purpose as EPIK but it's for under-graduates.

Large Private English language companies who teach in Korea:

  • Avalon English Schools
  • Berlitz Adult English Schools
  • CDI English Institute
  • ECC Schools (Division of YBM)
  • GNB English Schools
  • Kids College English Schools
  • Korea POLY Schools
  • Language Club International (LCI Kids Club Schools)
  • Maple Bear Korea
  • Wall Street Institute
  • YBM

Professional Organisations:

  • KOTESOL – By far the largest professional organisation for English teachers in Korea. They are split into ten regional chapters for different areas of Korea.