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What is the average salary for teaching English in Korea? (2016)

The average salary for teaching English in Korea is between ₩2,200,000 - ₩2,600,000 per month ($1,990 to $2,352). The top end of that - ₩3,000,000 and over, is typically for University English professors or British Council positions. The lower end of the salaries we looked at were often from 2-4 week English camps in the summer or winter holidays.

In general the private schools (hagwons) pay better than the public programs like GEPIK and EPIK and unlike other destinations there is less variation with location and salary because the public programs pay based on qualifications and experience rather than location.

We also looked at housing benefits as getting housing provided or an accommodation allowance is basically the same as having a higher salary and found roughly 73% of jobs provided an apartment, 12% provided an allowance and the rest left it up to the teacher.

To calculate these numbers we examined all the jobs posted on teflSearch from the past year for Korea. You can see the full percentage breakdown and a lovely graph below.

If you want to know how that salary actually breaks down in practice and what you're have left over each month, we put together a full breakdown of the costs including tax, housing, airfare etc. in our Korean cost of living calculator.

Average monthly teaching salary (KRW) Percentage of jobs (%)
0-1,000,000 2.27
1,000,001-1,200,000 0.57
1,200,001-1,400,000 1.14
1,600,001-1,800,000 0.57
1,800,001-2,000,000 1.70
2,000,001-2,200,000 14.20
2,200,001-2,400,000 27.84
2,400,001-2,600,000 29.55
2,600,001-2,800,000 10.80
2,800,001-3,000,000 5.11
3,000,001-3,200,000 3.98
3,200,001-3,400,000 0.57
3,600,001-3,800,000 1.14
3,800,001-4,000,000 0.57
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