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Japan In Pictures

Sometimes thousands of words are no use, you want pictures. Done. Here are some pictures.

Sometimes you just need some pictures, you can read article after article on Japan and still not be able to decide if it's for you. What you need are pictures, pictures that'll give you an idea what the towns, cities and classrooms look like.

These are all Flickr Streams of people who've taught in Japan or traveled around it and the photos they took while they were there. I deliberately didn't link to anything professional, I've tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

So lets look at Japan in pictures. (If you're wondering specifically about the apartments you want to check out the picture section of accommodation.)

KenTakesPictures Japan Collection

A set of 400 or so from a JET Teacher. They cover everyday school stuff, cities, temples, sumo and even some cherry blossoms right at the end. A really good collection. Click here to see them.

Adam Kahtava's Japan Collection

A really nice collection of photos from Adam Kahtava. Loads of photos from travelling around Japan. They give a really good impression of the breadth of scenery and types of things you'll come across and they're all labelled with locations. Click here to see them.

marinabyquist Japan Collections

Three separate collections from marinabyquist. Each covers a visit to different parts of Japan and shows the different kinds of places you can visit in Japan. Here's one, two and three.

Andrewmcorbin & Adam Kahtava Japan Teaching Photo's

Two short collections of photos by andrewmcorbin and Adam Kahtava showing Japan elementary schools. You find them here and here respectively.

joefmansfield Japan Collection

A very short collection of photos from joefmansfield which still manage to do a good job of showing what Japan can look like. Click here to see them.