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Japan: Useful Companies Organisations and Blogs

This page is a collection of useful sites, organisations etc. that might be useful for teachers in Japan.

This page is a bit more random, a collection of various useful things, sites, lists of large companies etc. first up:

Useful Guides for Teaching & Living in Japan

The ALT Handbook. It's made for JET's but it's useful for all ALTs. A thorough introduction to teaching as an ALT, covering everything from the school year to planning lessons. Click here to read it.

This is the general JET handbook. Chapters 4 is useful for non-JET's. It's information on living in Japan and covers managing money, driving, travelling abroad etc. There's other non JET information but it's spread out. Click here to read it.

The Japan Guy has a large number of articles on how to do basic things for living in Japan. A general search for "how to" will find all of them but unfortunately there's no big contents page. Click here to watch it.

This is a guide to basic living in Japan from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: it covers a lot of the basic practicalities of living in Japan, everything from meeting your neighbours to how to find and visit a doctor. Click here to watch it.

Large English language companies who teach in China:

  • Aeon
  • ECC
  • Nova
  • Gaba
  • Interac
  • Westgate
  • Shane’s English & Saxoncourt (recruits for Shane Schools)
  • Berlitz
  • British Council

Professional Organisations

  • JALT - This is the largest professional organisation for language teachers in Japan. It has nearly 3,000 members split into chapters across Japan.
  • JACET - This is the Japan Association of College English Teachers. If you're thinking of trying to get into higher education in Japan this should be on your list.

Useful Websites

  • Gaijin Pot - A job, hotel booking and accommodation site for Japan.
  • Japan Reference - One of the two more popular forums for Japan.
  • Japan Guide - The other popular forum for Japan. The simplicity of the website means it often ends up more question and answer than a discussion.
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