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China: In Pictures

Sometimes thousands of words are no use, you want pictures. Done. Here are some pictures.

Words are useful, but sometimes you need more. You want to see China before you make a decision, see the places you want to travel, the schools, the cities, the apartments. What do they all look like?

These are all Flickr Streams of people who've taught in China or traveled around it and the photos they took while they were there. I deliberately didn't link to anything professional, I've tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

So lets look at China in pictures. (If you're wondering specifically about the apartments, you want to check out the picture section of accommodation.)

My Own China Collection

This is a 100 or so photos from my own travels. I spent a month travelling in China and the photos are mostly beautiful scenery. Probably not places you'd live but definitely places you should go visit! Click here to see them.

Oh fluff's China Collection

A great set of photos from Oh fluff. Pictures of teaching, students, travelling, everyday life - pretty much everything. It gives a really honest portrait of China. Click here to see them.

vfowler's China Collection

A collection of photos from a 3 month trip of an English Teacher working at Jianzhu University in Jinan. Most are annotated or have little descriptions which is really nice. (vfowler has several other China albums which are good as well). Click here to see them.

Dave Mulder's China Photo's

Not a collection this time, the relevant photos start on page 14 (linked) and continue until about halfway through page 16 (you'll see a giant gold temple). It covers both travelling and teaching in a Chinese school. Click here to see them.