TEFL, ESL and TESOL Jobs in China (13)

Looking for jobs teaching English in China, or just thinking about it? You can search through all our jobs below and filter on the left. If you're looking for information and have questions about living in China, then you can find answers in our china knowledge base.

It covers everything from the kinds of schools you teach at, how much you can earn, how to find a house, get a visa, basics on tax etc. We also have a cost of living calculator here, that you can use to calculate how much you can save teaching for a year, after you've paid for housing, flights etc.

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Average Salary and Benefits for jobs in China (On teflSearch)
Common Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou
Salary: 8,000 - 14,000 RMB
Flights: Paid (48%)Part Paid (17%)Not Paid (35%)
Institution: Language School (44%)Kindergarten (10%)Primary School (14%)Private Lessons (2%)Secondary School (20%)University (8%)
Housing: Provided (64%)Allowance (21%)Part Provided (2%)Assistance to find (11%)Not Provided (1%)
Insurance: Health (51%)Accident (8%)Not Provided (41%)
Bonus: Yes (52%)No (48%)
Contract Length: 0 up to 6 Months (1%)6 up to 12 months (57%)1 up to 2 Years (38%)2 up to 3 Years (2%)3 Years + (0%)Permanent (0.79%)
Average Working Hours: 11 to 20 (14%)21 to 30 (34%)31 to 40 (50%)41 to 50 (1%)50 + (1%)