Taipei, Taiwan - Teach English in Public Elementary Schools

Taipei, Taiwan - Teach English in Public Elementary Schools

Public Elementary School Position in Taipei, Taiwan. Classroom Teaching Jobs and Activity-Based Teaching Jobs. Full-time: Monday ~ Friday.


Are you a state-credentialed teacher looking for a rewarding position teaching English overseas? Teach in the public elementary schools of Taipei, Taiwan! We have great full-time opportunities open right now in districts all over the greater Taipei area.


Teach in one of Asia’s nicest cities: Taipei – minutes from the mountains, the sea and a river estuary, with a comprehensive, efficient and inexpensive underground system serving the whole metropolitan area.


Two styles of program - Classroom Teaching and Wonderland Teaching. Jobs are in the state school system.


The Classroom teaching posts are similar to what you have likely experienced already in your career. This is a good place for teachers who want to put their classroom experience into practice. The focus is working in parallel with your school’s Taiwanese English teachers to provide a native speaker who can offer students intensive listening & speaking classes.


The Wonderland Program is also in Taipei, and with the public schools. However, the Wonderland program is all activity-based. Learning through doing. Students spend three days and two nights (teachers do not stay the nights) in a specially-designed wing of the school campus.

What we offer

And, enjoy up to NT$40,000 air ticket reimbursement for your to-Taiwan flight, and then again up to NT$40,000 reimbursement for your return flight!


Teach elementary school-aged student in modern schools. Enjoy friendly co-workers, being in Taiwan plus salaries that reward experience. The contract runs from your arrival through July, 2016. Almost a year and a half: job stability!!


In addition to round-trip flight reimbursement, you’ll also enjoy a contract completion bonus of up to a FULL month’s salary!


Plus, know that you’re helping children from every economic strata when you’re teaching in the public schools.

What we want
  • You need to a be a certified teacher.
  • You'll need a degree to get a work visa.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Certified Teacher
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Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
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