IB JAPAN---- English Instructor wanted

IB JAPAN---- English Instructor wanted

IB Japan is always hiring, always moving forward.



Teachers already in Japan are very welcome to apply. You have improved odds of being selected.


Those outside Japan should apply now! Be in Japan in a matter of weeks!


Is teaching your passion? Do you want to improve personally and professionally? Then you can be successful with IB Japan. Our teachers are individuals with something to contribute – unlike some organizations, we know your name.


We expect the best in our teachers. IB JAPAN teachers understand the importance of a professional attitude, self-improvement, and flexibility.


For those with less experience, we have a comprehensive support network and offer continuous training. We support our teachers!!


Most of our schools are located in the Chiba prefecture and Tokyo area. We try to find the best possible location match for our candidates and we will discuss details about the location during the interview process. No surprises.

About us

Why is IB Japan a great company to work for? 

  • We care about our staff. 
  • The IB Japan Head Office is composed of experienced North American directors and trainers who have many years of teaching and administrative experience. 
  • We offer consistent and continuous training to help you grow as a teacher. 
  • We offer living support. Apartment set-up, questions about documents, or problems at the train station – we are always there to help and you can always talk to a fellow native-speaker. 
  • IB Japan has been successfully providing English educational instruction for over 30 years. 
  • We have about 80 schools & employ over 100 native-speaking teachers. 
  • The average stay of an IB Japan teacher is usually over two years. Many stay with us for 5 years or more. 

What is the schedule like? 

  • Full-time job with about 27 teaching hours per week 
  • 5 day workweek, 90% of teachers have consecutive days off 
  • Each work day is within an eight hour period 
  • Class size is limited to 8 students 
  • Lessons are under an hour and once a week 


Why teach in Japan? 

  • It has one of the most stable currencies in the world. Pay off your debts. 
  • Safety; one of the lowest crime rates in the world. 
  • Convenient, reliable public transportation; access to almost anywhere in Japan. 
  • While working in Japan, you can apply for National Health Insurance which covers 70% of medical AND dental. 
  • It has a unique and accepting culture, with endless opportunity to learn, see, or experience something new. Experience more than what you’ve read about.


IB Japan is always looking for talented teachers. Don't wait until the last minute. Apply now!


*IB Japan has been in business for 33 years and is a proud member of ‘Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education’ (JAPFLE) sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Education. IBE/ALS is also affiliated with the Narita Airport Authority in organizing PR events, providing translation work and lessons, evaluating the English skills of Air Traffic Controllers, providing English lessons for support staff, etc. 
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What we offer
  • 250,000 yen starting salary (contract renewals get salary increases) 
  • 18 month contract with full visa sponsorship 
  • Work-related transportation fees reimbursed 
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation every year (2 weeks in summer, 2 weeks in winter, 1 week in spring) 
  • Single occupancy apartment, semi-furnished, Internet access (55,000yen maximum rent) 
  • Upward mobility - promotions within the company are available 
What we want

Basic Qualifications 

  • 4-Year University Degree (requisite for Visa) 
  • Native English speakers ONLY (requisite for Visa) 
  • ESL / EFL teaching experience preferred 
  • You don't have to live in Japan
  • Teaching experience with children highly preferred 
  • Certificates in teaching (CELTA / TESOL / TEFL) are not required, but will improve your chances. 

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

Include ALL of the following in your email and jump the queue for an interview: 


Apply by fax, telephone, e-mail (preferred) or online with CV/resume (including telephone number), diploma(s), essay, two photos (1 casual, 1 professional headshot), teaching certification, letters of recommendation, availability, and Skype address. 

##(Your application may be delayed if information is incomplete)##

Send your information to [email protected]

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