English Teacher

English Teacher

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED (welcome those with experience too)! AVAILABLE TO START ASAP!

Teach English Abroad in China! 


Our client opens two new schools in Wenzhou next month. If you're a native English Speaker from one of the eligible countries. You could experience the unique experience of teaching abroad in China in the beautiful port city of Wenzhou of South East China. 

Working hours and locations:

All teachers work 40 hours per week, to be arranged by the Director of Studies (DOS) and/or the Centre Manager (CM), including up to 87 real contract teaching hours per calendar month. This represents an average of 20 real hours per week over 4.33 weeks. This means that it is possible to teach more than 20 real hours some weeks and others less, averaging out to 20 real hours per week.

Teachers will be required to work 5 days a week in the non-peak season and up to 6 days per week during the peak seasons.

During the peak seasons (June – August and January – February), teaching hours can rise to up to 113 real classroom hours per calendar month. 

Teachers may be asked to work morning and evening shifts in the same day. Teachers may have teaching duties in the centre or off-site.

Main Responsibilities

• Teach students aged from 3-14.
• Carry out the timetable of classes assigned by the DOS
• Give lessons to the highest standards of English language teaching
• Become familiar with the programmes and courses of study at the centre
• Develop and use suitable supplementary materials as necessary
• Use audio / video materials in classes
• Expose students to the use of CALL, CD-ROMs, and the Internet
• Begin and end classes on time
• Prepare lessons and equipment in advance for all classes 
• Become familiar with and implement the Course Management Procedures
• Administer, correct and record the results of progress reports, tests and assessments for students
• Substitute for absent colleagues, perhaps at short notice, on or off-site
• Be responsible for students’ welfare and progress
• Inform students of centre aims and objectives
• Cooperate with the CM and DOS in ensuring the constructive communication and efficient operation of the centre
• Meet regularly with the DOS to communicate all relevant information
• Assist the DOS upon request with the development and marketing of courses and induction of sales and teaching staff into the practices of the centre
• Maintain student and class records
• Assist in the placement testing and interviewing of new students 
• Carry out teaching related responsibilities including, but not limited to demonstration classes, conversation clubs, tutorials, seminars and presentations
• Attend centre social events
• Take on administrative work and/or projects including, but not limited to, cataloguing supplementary materials, giving workshops and organizing extra-curricular events, as directed by the DOS
• Keep the teachers’ room, equipment and resources well-organized and in good condition
• Be familiar with the administrative procedures employed by the centre

Professional Development

• Regularly evaluate own performance and progress
• Attend and participate in workshops in teacher development offered by the centre
• Observe and be observed by the DOS and teaching colleagues
• Be pro-active in improving teaching skills through sharing knowledge with colleagues, and using teaching resources found in the centre, EF Intranet, Internet and any other available sources

About us

Founded by British partners, United Study is a nationally established company with a number of years of experience in the educational sector. Our goal is to provide access to a unique opportunity abroad teaching English in Asia. Our company provides a platform with internalised professionalism and career professional development opportunity. 


Both directors share experience as qualified English teachers teaching in Asia and also experience in university partnerships, thus understand the need to take spoken English seriously. We place great pride in ensuring diligence and commitments to the organisational aims, both at the core of what we do and our fervent duties to our partners for placing students and teachers at our partnered universities and institutes. We have built up a solid framework of networks and have now started recruiting native English teachers for our valuable clients in Malaysia, South Korea and China offering this unique experience.

What we offer
  1. Paid Vacation / Plus Vacation Time 
  2. Paid flgiht tickets (RMB 10,000 per year)
  3. Paid work visa 
  4. Accommodation allownce RMB 2,000-3,000 per month (enough to cover!)
  5. Salary between 10,000 RMB to 18,000 RMB a month (over 1,500 USD to 2,700 USD) 
What we want
  1. Must hold a valid passport and be native to: UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa
  2. Must hold at least a degree or a teaching certificate i.e. TEFL

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
New Zealander
Northern Irish
South African

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
TEFL Certificate
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Certified Teacher
How to apply

Please send your CV/resume/skypeID and photo to [email protected]

Extra Information

Interview is done via Skype. If you are based in the UK, you may be asked for a face-to-face interview.

Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
Passport Photo Page
Personal Photo

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