Native Math, Science, Teachers Required For, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman

Native Math, Science, Teachers Required For, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman

Native & Non- Native English, Math, Science, Biology & Chemistry Teachers Required For Oman & Saudi Arabia

.English Language Centre);  Saudi Colleges, Universities Riyadh ( Salary 3000$ - 5000$


Teacher Selection Criteria

Native speaker of English ( preferably: US,UK,Canada,Australia,South Africa)

About us

English Today Recruitment was established as a specialist English as a Foreign Language (EFL) recruitment agency.

Set up to provide teachers for Universities, Schools Colleges in Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE , (ETR) has since grown to provide recruitment services to English Schools  in other countries ((ETR) has expanded recruitment) as well as acting as a recruitment consultancy for other schools throughout the world. We have 100 teachers who are who are teaching in KSA



- a one year renewable contract 
- a tax free salary of USD 32,000 - 55,000 pa, depending on experience and 
- pre paid flights at the beginning of your contract and after 
- free furnished single accommodation (utilities also paid for by International London College) 
- class A medical insurance 
- visa expenses paid for by International London College
- free transport to and from the workplace, free daily shuttle bus trips to all 
major malls and supermarkets 
- approximately 6 weeks paid holidays 
- airport pickup


What we offer

·         Salary and Benefits

·         100% tax free salary. Starting salary would be QR 21000 per month (equivalent to an annual salary of approximately CAD 90,617). The salary is fixed at the Qatari Riyal rate and does not get adjusted with the changes in the currency fluctuations. The CAD annual income is provided here only to help the candidates in associating the monthly salary in the local currency with a currency they are familiar with. For longer experience (above 5 years as Administrator) the salary will increase.

·         End of service gratuity equivalent to 80% of the monthly salary for every year of service.

·         Large accommodation with facilities: a single administrator/married with no children receive a two-bedroom apartment. Apartments are in complexes with swimming pool and gym. Housing allowances provided upon the request of an administrator at the rate paid by the school.

·         Transportation allowance is provided.

·               Child tuition discount is 100%.

·         Excess baggage reimbursement allowance.

·         Economy airfare at the beginning and end of the contract.

·         Annual economy round-trip air fare to point of origin at the time of summer vacation for the contracts of more than one year.

·         Private medical local insurance.

·         Paid Summer Leave.

·         School will arrange and bear the Qatar government fee of your visa, work permit and national identification.

·         Reimbursement of fees paid for the BC Ministry of Education Teachers Regulation Branch for applying for the BC teacher certification. Miscellaneous expenses are not covered by the school.

·         Family Benefits are provided for married Administrators with children up to the age of 18 years old.



What we want

Candidates for these positions must: 
• Have an undergraduate degree (BA/BS) in English, education or a related field (N.B.: The Saudi government does not recognize online degrees. All degrees must be residential.) 
• Hold a CELTA or an SIT TESOL Certificate or equivalent with at least 120 hours of instruction. (Online certificates cannot be considered.) 
• Have teaching experience with zero beginners 
• Have strong computer skills 
• Have a minimum of one year of ESL/EFL teaching experience with adult learners 
Preference will be given to those who can have or can demonstrate

Advanced training / MA in TESL 

Creativity and flexibility to adapt to a learner-centered program using an experiential, content-based and needs-based approach 
Ability to adapt to a way of life requiring understanding, conformity, and flexibility 
Commitment to students, the profession, and innovative approaches to teaching method 
Fluency in other languages and/or Peace Corps or similar service/work experience in another country 
Experience with course management systems 
20 hours of weekly instruction of core classes, plus 10 hours weekly of work on individualized instruction, which includes supervision of student work done in core classes, labs, or any other language needs students may have 
Record-keeping, grading, and report-writing 
Initial placement testing of students 
Keeping office hours for meetings with students 
Participation in faculty meetings, committees, and professional development

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
New Zealander
South African
Currently Living in Country
Can Drive in Country
Can Legally Work in Country

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
TEFL Certificate
Hours on TEFL Cert.
Classroom Hours on TEFL Cert.
Exam Experience
Cambridge Exams
Certified Teacher
How to apply

Please click on the link to complete online application at

Send your CV at [email protected] and send CC to [email protected] with below requested complete documents and also fill in the with below requested documents and also fill in the information below

1. Attached resume (CV) 
2. Copies of your degrees and relevant diplomas and/or certificates 
3. A copy of your passport (first page only to confirm your nationality) 
4. Letters of reference (optional at this stage)

CANDIDATE NAME :_________________________________________ 
POSITION APPLIED :_______________________________________ 
NATIONALITY :____________________________________________ 
DATE OF BIRTH :__________________________________________ 
Date Of Availability ____________________________________ 
AGE :____________________________________________________ 
MARITAL STATUS :_________________________________________ 
CURRENT POSITION :_______________________________________ 
CURRENT LOCATION :_______________________________________ 
QUALIFICATION :__________________________________________ 
TOTAL YEARS EXPERIENCE:__________________________________ 
NOTICE PERIOD :__________________________________________ 
CURRENT SALARY :_________________________________________ 
TELEPHONE NO.____________________________________________ 
CELLPHONE .______________________________________________ 
SKYPE ID_________________________________________________

English Today Recruitment 
(Middle East)Recruitment 
[email protected]

Extra Information

Teaching in Saudi Arabia

The traditions and attitudes of Saudi Arabia have been shaped by Islam as well as Bedouin culture. Thus, expats living in Saudi Arabia will discover that family bonds are still much stronger than in many other cultures, to an extent that they permeate all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia, even in the business world.

This advert was posted with an address from an email service anyone can use: [email protected]

It's worth checking to make sure this is the schools genuine email address. If you're not sure how to do this, we wrote about it here.

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