Open for Overseas Teachers in Sendai in Sendai - Japan $2,700-$3,300 take home + $300 housing allow

Open for Overseas Teachers in Sendai in Sendai - Japan $2,700-$3,300 take home + $300 housing allow

We are looking for 1 ESL teacher for Primary school and 1 Early Childhood Educator for Early Learning Center. 



Start on March 10th 2020, 1-year contract to start first.






About us


Located in the fashionable, beautiful and cosmopolitan port city, Yokohama, KJIS has served the educational needs of diverse families since 2003. With its state-of-the-art campus, KJIS aims to provide students with a highly challenging, rigorous and engaging curriculum. 

As an authorized IB World School for the DP, the backbone of KJIS’ curriculum is to instil international-mindedness, global citizenship, intercultural learning and explore global issues and diverse perspectives.

What we offer

Following are the salary and benefits:

Salary: 2,700 - 3600 USD

Housing allowance:  300 USD

One-way airfare to Japan

Bonus on top

Visa procedure assistance

Health insurance and Pension insurance 50% sponsored

Summer vacations fully paid

Public transportation cover

Children tuition-free sponsored

PYP workshop for teachers

What we want
  1. Primary school teacher:
  • Has to be a licensed teacher
  • Must be from English Speaking Country
  • Prefer experience in teaching IB PYP, International program
  • Be able to teach all subjects ( except Art and Music)


      2. Early Childhood teacher:

  • Prefer candidate with Early Childhood Education major


Requirements for both roles:

  • good communication with other teachers
  • good collaboration in class, and with other classes, other teachers
  • Grow mindset, open to feedback

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
Certified Teacher
How to apply


Send a copy of BA degree, teaching license, passport photo and CV to the email address: [email protected]

This advert was posted with an address from an email service anyone can use: [email protected]

It's worth checking to make sure this is the schools genuine email address. If you're not sure how to do this, we wrote about it here.

Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
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Personal Photo

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