Volunteer English and Spanish teachers for Peace Boat December 2020 Global Voyages!

Volunteer English and Spanish teachers for Peace Boat December 2020 Global Voyages!

Interested in Teaching, Traveling and International Development? Join Peace Boat for the adventure of a lifetime! The GET Programme is Peace Boat’s language training programme on board its ships, the Ocean Dream and Zenith. Volunteers travel with our students on board, teaching them practical English and Spanish through GET’s task-based learning approach. Teachers themselves have the chance to learn from onboard guest educators, consisting of academics, peace-builders, sustainability campaigners, entertainers and more, all while circumventing the entire earth by sea! Would you like to use your language teaching skills to help build a global culture of peace-while seeing the world at the same time? Now’s your chance, Peace Boat's language training programme, GET, is now accepting applications for English and Spanish* language teachers for the 106th and Zenith 3rd Global voyages: 106th Global Voyage – Departs Yokohama on December 13, 2020** and returns March 30, 2021: http://peaceboat.org/english/voyage/106th-global-voyage Zenith 3rd Global Voyage – Departs Osaka December 17, 2020** and returns April 1, 2021: http://peaceboat.org/english/voyage/zenith-3rd-global-voyage Peace Boat and GET are keeping up-to-date with global COVID-19 developments. The safety of our passengers, volunteers, staff, and crew is paramount. For more information on how Peace Boat is addressing COVID-19, please see our voyage preventative measures and policies: https://pbcruise.com/documents/20200312_coronavirus.pdf Application deadline - 18:00 JST August 25, 2020! All interviews will be conducted online and will take place between September 14 - 20, 2020****. Conditions of employment: This position is for enthusiastic, highly motivated, dynamic individuals with a minimum of 18 months of full-time teaching experience. Applicants should be highly advanced speakers of English or Spanish, although it is not necessary to be a 'native' or 'first language' speaker. Certification, graduate degrees and/or multi-language abilities are highly regarded, though not required. Please note: this is a volunteer position, but voyage expenses are covered (valued at approximately 1.7 million JPY or 15,300 USD). Learn about why you should apply for the GET Programme directly from past teachers: https://vimeo.com/320435083 To apply: Please download the application pack available on our website: http://peaceboat.org/english/volunteer/GET-volunteer *For Spanish teachers: Please note that all teacher-related GET Programme administrative activities and correspondence are conducted in English. All application material, with the exception of actual Spanish-language lesson content, should be presented in English. **All successful applicants must be able to attend the pre-voyage orientation to be held in Tokyo or Osaka roughly one week before the official departure date. ***Please find recent updates to the Teaching Demo portion of the Application pack due to COVID 19. ****All applicants will be considered for both voyages. While applicants may state a preference for one voyage over the other in their cover letters, final voyage assignments are at the discretion of programme coordinators.

About us

What is Peace Boat? Peace Boat is an international non-governmental organization striving to build a culture of peace around the world by connecting people across borders and creating opportunities for learning, activism and cooperation. We achieve this through programs in which people from around the world participate in voyages onboard the Peace Boat. Peace Boat works in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC, and uses the ship as a platform to promote the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Peace Boat is also a steering member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Programs combine learning, activism, advocacy, and travel, enabling participants to learn first-hand about global issues such as war, environmental degradation, gender violence, and other issues. Participants experience grassroots peace-building efforts to find non-violent, creative, and constructive solutions, from local communities to global advocacy networks. Given the wealth of opportunities that Peace Boat participants have to interact with people from around the world, it is important that they are equipped with the language skills necessary to make that interaction as fulfilling and meaningful as possible. To meet this need, both English and Spanish language classes are offered on each Peace Boat voyage, these being two of the most widely spoken languages of communication on the regular routes. Previous voyages have also seen classes in Russian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, French, Portuguese, Korean, and even Swahili. Peace Boat's onboard language programme is known as GET (Global English / Espanol Training). GET is a communication-based programme that aims to improve students' communicative ability and instill confidence in using English and/or Spanish through a dynamic combination of onboard classroom study, language based events and activities, and exchange programmes in ports of call. Furthermore, the GET Programme embraces the concept of Global Language - language as it is used daily around the world as a tool of communication between people from different cultures and countries. For teachers, the programme offers the opportunity to work with a great deal of autonomy, using their creativity both in and out of the classroom while enjoying the unique experience that is Peace Boat.

What we offer

Please note that this is an unpaid volunteer position. Peace Boat covers the cost of room and board on the ship, port fees and visas.

What we want

Basic requirements: 18 months of relevant full-time experience teaching English and/or Spanish as a second language. Be highly advanced speakers of English (for those applying to teach English) or both English and Spanish (for those applying to teach Spanish). Note: it is not necessary to be a 'native' or 'first-language' speaker. Be available for the duration of the voyage for which they are applying (including online training and pre-voyage orientation periods). Be able to obtain all relevant visas required to participate in the voyage for which they are applying.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

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How to apply

Please download the Information & Application Pack, found here: http://peaceboat.org/english/volunteer/GET-volunteer Application deadline - 18:00 JST August 25, 2020! All interviews will be conducted online and will take place between September 14 - 20, 2020.

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