GUANGDONG-kindergarten-18000RMB-Airfare, Apartment etc provided

GUANGDONG-kindergarten-18000RMB-Airfare, Apartment etc provided


SCHOOL: Kindergarten in GUANGDONG





Teaching position: Oral English Teacher

Start time: Sept.2020

Number of Classes: 30 Hours/Week

Level of the institution: Kindergarten

Salary Provided: 18000RMB

Requirement: Bachelor and TESOL 


Airfare: Reimbursed upon completion of the contract

Living Condition: Provided with a fully furnished fully self contained apartment Holidays Paid

Holidays: Paid

Medical Insurance: Provided

Detailed Employment Package: Available and Provided


About us

1. All our services are 100% FREE. We provide a one-stop service and guide you throughout the process of becoming an ESL teacher in China. Our team helps you obtain a visa before traveling, arranges your job placement, apartment, and all lifestyle requirements. Our trainers and assistants help with all lesson plan preparation, school coordination, and any questions that arise so you can settle in comfortably. 

2. We communicate with you every step of the way. Perhaps you realize a school placement is not the right fit for you. We will work with you to find a new school of your choice. We have 14 years of experience successfully arranging for transfer working visas, so your visa transfer can be expedited by us. We will handle everything for you.

3. We are the most responsible company that ensures that our teachers work with the right working visa from the beginning. Other agencies and schools lack our expertise and experience in obtaining the right working visa for teachers. We make sure, unlike other agencies, that our teachers do not come with an illegal visa that causes problems for such teachers. Everything visa-related is provided by us for you at no cost to you. We can guarantee the Z visa will be provided before your departure. 

4. In China, many people do not speak English. Working with us, you will be provided with a one-on-one bilingual assistant to also help you deal with daily life and different situations that may arise. 

When you finish the contract, we will provide you with the TESOL certificate for free.

5. We also have available lots of useful ESL teaching materials that can be used to help and assist you. We also provide free training during the time you work with us. In addition to the school site bilingual assistant assigned to you, we also provide a coordinator at the school to help you get familiar with the Chinese school/classroom environment. You will receive continuously many practical suggestions. 

What we offer

Salary Provided:  18000RMB/month   

Airfare: Reimbursed upon completion of the contract

Living Condition: Provided with a fully furnished fully self contained apartment

Holidays: Paid

Medical Insurance: Provided

Detailed Employment Package: Available and Provided


What we want

Requirement: TESOL +BA

MUST have teaching experience

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
Currently Living in Country
Can Legally Work in Country

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
TEFL Certificate
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Hours on TEFL Cert.
Classroom Hours on TEFL Cert.
How to apply

Contact with us via    [email protected] /skype: cathyren9/What's up: ESL to China

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TEFL Cert.
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