English Teacher in Tokyo, Japan

English Teacher in Tokyo, Japan

English Teacher in Tokyo, Japan


Hello Japan lovers!


Teach English to adults and children in Tokyo and have the adventure of a lifetime! While you discover the exotic culture, learn Japanese and live a lifestyle you never could before!


Whether you want to relax in a maid cafe, explore the natural wonders or binge on seafood, Japan has so much to do that you can't do it all in one year.


A large portion of the adult students fall in the pre-intermediate category. About half the students are children. Travel costs will be paid by the school.


Teachers may also teach at a few different locations in a week, which adds some variety, and travel costs will be paid by the school.


The majority of the schools are located in the Kanto region, which is essentially the Greater Tokyo/Yokohama metropolitan area. Schools are typically small, with two, three or four classrooms. Few schools have more than five classrooms, while some even have just one.

About us

We feel that it is important that teachers who teach with us in Asia have a well-rounded experience. We encourage our teachers to explore the local culture and neighboring countries during their time with us.


Our Head Offices are populated with teachers who have grown and developed with the company and then moved up into varying roles such as teacher management, teacher training, teacher recruitment, marketing and sales.


With over 500,000 alumni, 85,000 current students, and 1000 teachers, we know this will be the experience of a lifetime!

What we offer
  • 245,000+ yen ($2350) per month depending on experience and qualifications.
  • 20 days holiday.
  • Sponsored visa for full-time teachers.
  • Comprehensive training.
  • 12 month contract.
  • 5 days a week with two consecutive weekdays off.
  • 29 teaching hours per week.
  • Workdays are roughly 12-9 PM with no more than 6.5 hours of actual teaching per day.
  • Any time outside of teaching and preparation is break time.
What we want
  • You are currently in Japan.
  • A passport from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Africa.
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • A CELTA /DELTA certificate or a recognized 120-hour TEFL certificate with at least 6 months of real teaching experience.
  • You are open-minded, enthusiastic, positive, hard-working, patient and professional.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
New Zealander
South African
Currently Living in Country

AND one of the following sets to apply:

TEFL Certificate
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Hours on TEFL Cert.
How to apply

Apply here


For questions, please send a message to [email protected]


ありがとう! (thank you!)

Extra Information


•             Time to explore. Teaching in Japan gives you loads of time off to explore the country. You’ll get plenty of days off and even entire weeks off during the year. So get out and find something new!

•             Sushi, sake, ramen, manga, anime and Japanese punk. Alright, that was 6 things for the price of one, but we can’t get too crazy with this list.

•             The subcultures of Tokyo. If you’re not sure what Rockabilly, Dekora, Fairy Kai, or Gyaru are all about, there’s only one way to truly find out.

•             It’s unbelievably refreshing how polite the Japanese are.

•             Japan has an abundance of natural wonders. Every bit of modern tech that can be found in Tokyo city is equaled by a piece of Japanese wilderness that can only be truly appreciated by being there in person. Ancient temples in misty mountains. Roaring waterfalls into crystal blue rivers. Turquoise blue oceans and white sand beaches. There is no shortage of fresh air to be found.

•             You can hit the slopes, too. Grab your skis and head to the Japanese Alps. After a year of teaching, you might have a new favorite sport.

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TEFL Cert.
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