EFL Materials Editor

EFL Materials Editor


  • Reviews and edits a variety of interactive, digital learning materials for adult students learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL), making sure:
  • Our activities and sequences are planned in accordance with sound pedagogical principles
  • Tasks, texts and scripts are graded to specific levels
  • Agreed goals and can dos are achieved
  • Instructions and explanations are lean and efficient
  • Collaborates with the UX writers / editors to copy edit the instructions and explanations; copy edits some of them.
  • Stays in constant sync with the writing / editing team, garnering, discussing and promoting best practices of instructional design / materials writing.
  • Promotes consistency in the product
  • (Potentially) 'Signs off' materials and serves as a directly responsible individual when it comes to content quality.


What we offer


What we want
  • One of the following: Cambridge DELTA Modules, Trinity Diploma or MA TESOL
  • Proven track record of EFL materials writing or editing
  • Editing experience
  • Attention to detail
  • A knack for goal-oriented lessons and materials planning (no to 'just because' attitude)
  • Fast decision maker
  • English C1



You need to have the requirements below:

AND one of the following sets to apply:

TEFL Certificate
How to apply

Contact Natalia Shaposhnikova by email ([email protected]) or send her a Telegram message at @natashaposhnikova 

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