Teaching job in Shenzhen- 20,000 RMB/ Month- 7,000 RMB housing allowance

Teaching job in Shenzhen- 20,000 RMB/ Month- 7,000 RMB housing allowance

What will be your teaching experience?

Provide an English course to students of all ages (2 to 12 mainly)

Handle class sizes from 4-6

Working Hours: 35 hours per week, including 30 classes (40 mins/ class ) and non-teaching hours ( meeting, demo, training, preparation, etc.)

Days off: 2 days off from Monday to Friday


About us

What do you know about us?

Founded in 2011, i2 International Institute of Education is committed to providing an internationalized education plan in an all-foreign-teacher environment. Currently, about 1000 foreign teachers are working in i2, which has set foot on 12 provinces and 17 cities across China with 88 campuses being directly operated by i2, providing tens of

thousands of students with high-quality internationalized education services. The institute has been rated as the most influential foreign language training organization and the most influential educational group successively.


What we offer

Working with us, you will be offered:

Monthly salary: from 16000 RMB to 20,000 RMB (Depend on teacher’s qualification)

Housing allowance: 7,000 RMB per month on top

Sign-in allowance: 6,000 RMB ( paid with the first-month payment )

Fight allowance: 6,000 RMB ( After you complete your contract )

Contract Completion bonus: 3,000-15,000 RMB ( After you complete your contract, depends on quarterly evaluation score)

Quarterly bonus: Depends on Teachers' workload/performance (up to 6000 RMB per quarter)

Over time Teaching : For each week, if the teaching units of the Employee exceeds 30, the employee will get paid 150 RMB for each extra teaching class as overtime teaching bonus.

Bonus for enrollment: 1k/1 student

Paid Holidays: 10 days as paid Annual Leave +15 days as paid Public Holidays

Airport picks up and 7 nights free hotel upon arrival.

Insurance: Medical + Accident

Special Benefits for teachers who have or want to bring a nuclear family to China.

Medical & accident insurance: for foreign spouse and lineal relatives in China.

Housing allowance for children

Local education allowance for children

What we want

What are our requirements:

Native English Teachers from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Holding Bachelor degree or above.

Holding TEFL/ CELTA/ TESOL (reference).

Able to start working immediately.

Having teaching experience (reference). 


You need to have the requirements below:


AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

To apply:

Feel free to send your application to this email: [email protected]


Extra Information

Why Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is a modern and beautiful metropolis located in southern China just across the border from Hong Kong. A popular destination for business travelers and Chinese tourists, Shenzhen has been relatively undiscovered by international tourists. However, that is changing as people hear about the city’s great attractions and that it is easily accessed from Hong Kong.

Shenzhen was selected as the most liveable city in China in a report released at the 2007 China City Forum in Beijing. 


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