*Chengdu, China* Teach, Travel and Adventure whilst still saving money!

*Chengdu, China* Teach, Travel and Adventure whilst still saving money!



At Brighter class sizes vary from 1, to a maximum of 7, with ages ranging from 3-12. During every class, a teaching assistant is there to help with any translation difficulties or anything else that may need doing. A willingness to learn on the job is a must as we want our teachers to bring their own unique styles and personalities to the classroom! 


The second element of Brighter is our partner school team. In the past, we have had several teachers join us, wanting a regular, working week schedule at a kindergarten, primary school or high school. 


We now have several partner schools, all of which have a superb reputation and an even greater relationship with us. These schools range from private kindergartens right up to private high schools so whatever age you want to teach and whatever schedule is your preference, we can cater to you! 


Both at Brighter training and placement schools, our teachers continue to grow and foster unbelievable relationships with their students. This is one trait that we value highest amongst our prospective teachers; the ability to make a student not only excited to come to your class but also reluctant to leave. 

Potential candidates do not need previous teaching experience, however this is obviously a bonus. Upon arrival in China, all of our teachers receive two weeks of top class training to get them ready for the classroom. We know that after these weeks you will be more than prepared to step into a job that you will love from the very first second!The most important element of the job simply entails our teachers to be enthusiastic and to enjoy being in the class just as much as your kids will! 

About us


We are a collection of training schools located in Chengdu, China, looking for any inspiring, creative people to join our superb teaching team. 


We are rapidly expanding due to the high quality and unique style of our teachers and our passion for what we do and want like-minded individuals to join us and help us grow. 


Currently we have four schools; located in and around Chengdu. Plans are also underway to move to further cities in Sichuan and then Chongqing in this coming year. Exciting times are ahead!


Our goal is to open more schools, first across Sichuan and then across the whole of China and we're looking for people who want to get involved in making this vision a reality.


In addition, as we expand, management positions across our schools are opening up. We need people that we can trust to become part of moving our vision towards success. If a rise to a senior position is something that you are interested in and you see yourself as a person who wants the responsibility of being more than a teacher, we are certainly the place for you! 

What we offer

We offer two contract packages to choose from! 



  • 13000-16000rmb based on experience 
  • Signing on bonus of 2000rmb upon arrival in China.
  • Two weeks of first class training.  
  • 1 year contract completion bonus of 3000rmb.
  • Regular teambuilding events 
  • Insurance coverage 


  • 10000-13000rmb based on experience.
  • Overtime pay.
  • City center apartment provided.
  • Signing on bonus of 2000rmb upon arrival in China. 
  • Two weeks of first class training upon arriving in China. 
  • 1 year contract completion bonus of 3000rmb.
  • Health & accident insurance.
  • Regular teambuilding events 
  • Quarterly performance reviews, with salary increases based upon performance. 
  • An amazing support network and team around you!
  • Opportunities to go abroad on our international summer camps (UK, USA etc).
  • Team bonding trips to destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. 
  • Quick rise to management positions.
  • LEARN CHINESE! – weekly lessons
What we want

Native/Native Level English speaker 


Bachelors Degree (minimum)



You need to have the requirements below:

Currently Living in Country

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
TEFL Certificate
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Hours on TEFL Cert.
Classroom Hours on TEFL Cert.
How to apply

To apply, please send your CV over to our team at [email protected]

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TEFL Cert.
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