Int'l school ESL teacher wanted in Hangzhou, Kunming city

Int'l school ESL teacher wanted in Hangzhou, Kunming city

● Location: Dongguan, Kunming, Hangzhou, Fuqing, Jiangmen, Xinyu and Zhaotong city of China.

● Contract Term: one academic year, starts from late Aug. 2019.

● Job Position: English Teacher or Science teacher.

● Students Age: 6-12/ 12-15/ 15-17 years old.

● Work Days: work on Mondays to Fridays. Two days off on weekends.

● Work Hours: 20 teaching hours per week, 16 office hours per week.

About us

Primary/Middle/High school teacher wanted widely in China, such as, Dongguan, Kunming, Hangzhou, Fuqing, Jiangmen, Xinyun and Zhaotong city. It starts in Aug. 2019, 20 teaching hour per week, full paid vacation, in the summer vacation, you could relax or travel around and we could also arrange work with payment.

What we offer

● Salary: RMB12,000-RMB18,000 monthly according to the candidates’ qualification, teaching experience and subject.

● Accommodation: free of charge independent apartment provided.

● Meals: free of charge working meals.

● Holidays: full paid 11 days Chinese public holidays.

●Vacation: full paid one month winter vacation, the school can arrange work during summer vacation with payment.

● Insurance: accident insurance and medical insurance provided.

● Work Visa: offer working permit.

● Bonus Rewards: RMB10,000 upon contract completion.

● Airport pickup and settle down assistance.

What we want

● Bachelor degree.

● Fluent in English.

You need to have the requirements below:


AND one of the following sets to apply:

TEFL Certificate
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
How to apply

Contact email: [email protected]

Phone/wechat: 86- 158 2749 1525

Please contact us as above for the application, along with your resume, thank you.

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Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
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