Work in Korea with KorJob Canada recruiting

Work in Korea with KorJob Canada recruiting

We're always looking for more teachers at KorJob Canda.


All of our client schools are reputable, repeat customers where we currently have korjob teachers employed.


You can view all our current positions here.


Teaching Hours: Teaching hours are on average 30 hrs. / month, not including prep time.

Student Age: Most schools have kindergarten and elementary students (day shift), but some schools have elementary and middle school students only (afternoon – evening shift). The latter is not as common, especially in the bigger cities.

About us

KORJOBCANADA RECRUITING is a full-service consulting, recruitment and placement agency located in Vancouver, BC, Canada since 2003. We specialize in helping our applicants secure quality teaching positions in Korea and guide them through every step of the process. We are comprised of ex-teachers turned recruiters, along with our native Korean representatives.


We provide placements in reputable private language schools throughout South Korea. Our English/Korean partnership covers all the bases, ensuring for a smooth, and stress-free transition into a new culture. We process placements for applicants from all native English-speaking countries. Our services are offered FREE OF CHARGE and can be indispensable to anyone interested in securing a teaching job in South Korea.




To place our applicants in schools that fit their preferences and qualifications.To represent our teachers and act as their negotiator.To supervise our teachers’ professional employment.To execute all affairs with the employer on behalf of our teachers.To get feedback from our teachers.To correct any foul play if our teachers’ rights have been violated by their employer.To help our teachers to get adjusted to living in Korea.

What we offer



Foreign teachers in Korea get paid anywhere from 2.0 m to 2.8 m won per month. The standard is 2.1-2.2, and anything over 2.3 is only in special cases which usually require a heavier work-load, and require higher qualifications.




We have all our schools provide flight tickets upfront, and a return ticket upon completion of your contract. We will book your flight for you and arrange your pick up itinerary.




All of our positions come with furnished, single studio housing provided by the school free of charge (teachers are responsible for utilities).




As stipulated by Korean law, teachers will receive an additional month’s salary upon completion of their contract.


Health Care


Full health care is provided. You will pay 50% of the cost and your employer will pay the other 50%. It can range from $20-$30/US per mth.

What we want



You need to have an undergraduate university degree in any subject to teach English in Korea. You must also be from an English-speaking country (UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ, South Africa).




Although it is not necessary to have teaching experience, it is highly desirable that you do as it is a very competitive market these days.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

When to Apply


With thousands of ESL schools and institutes, practically any time is right for applying to Korea. However, we recommend that you apply at least 2 months in advance before your intended departure date to Korea to secure the time needed for E-2 visa process, and for KORJOB to screen and secure the ideal position for you.


For recent graduates, remember that the original diploma and sealed official transcripts are necessary for the visa application. Therefore, recent graduates should take into account when the actual diploma can be issued by their university or college prior to selecting a departure date to Korea.


For a detailed breakdown of the E-2 application process, please refer to the KORJOB E-2 visa guide (upon request). However, our website provides an overview for you as well.


If you are interested in applying or to learn more please send us your resume and covering letter and we will contact for you for a FULL TELEPHONE OR SKYPE CONSULTATION session, as well as send you our TEACH IN KOREA information guide.


EMAIL: [email protected]

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