Homestay PGCE / TEFL English Teachers

Homestay PGCE / TEFL English Teachers

Homestay PGCE / TEFL English Teachers


We are currently looking for teachers all over the UK


We are not specifically homestay, we are teachstay. This means that we offer total immersion language courses. Students choose our courses because of this and they expect to spend all of their free time with the teacher or someone from the teacher's family. This is the reason why we pay much more than simple homestay. For all this we pay 550 pounds per week for 1 student and 936 pounds per week for 2 students.

About us

We are Live Learn Languages, based in Spain. We send Spanish students to the UK to learn English in the home of qualified PGCE or TEFL English teachers. We offer total immersion English courses which are intensive, hard work and extremely rewarding for both students and teachers.



What we offer

Teachers earn 550-936 pounds for a 7 day course.


Students normally stay 1 week, but they can choose to stay for longer. They have all their meals with you or someone in your family. They do 15 hours of English class with you, in your home from Monday to Friday, which is 3 hours a day. They also go on 2 cultural visits.

What we want

Teachers will need a spare room, to be residents in the UK and possess a PGCE or TEFL qualification and experience in teaching English to foreign students.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
Currently Living in Country
Can Legally Work in Country

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
TEFL Certificate
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Hours on TEFL Cert.
Classroom Hours on TEFL Cert.
Certified Teacher
How to apply

Send us your CV via email

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It's worth checking to make sure this is the schools genuine email address. If you're not sure how to do this, we wrote about it here.

Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
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