Teaching English in Shenzhen China. Bring home up to 3000 USD / month

Teaching English in Shenzhen China. Bring home up to 3000 USD / month

1. What do we do?

At élan, we teach English through engaging with literature and writing practice for students aged 5-12. In the beginning, it’s likely that you will predominantly take on Phonics, Early Reader Program, and lower level literature/writing coursework with the opportunity to teach picture books, novels, grammar, and different writing mediums in the future.
Each of the centers has a Library with over 5000 original English books. Students signing up for our Library follow our specially-developed Guided Reading Program designed to make students become independent readers while furthering their joy of reading.

What we offer

2. Salary and benefits 

Salary : 2300 USD - 3000 USD/ month (after tax) ( depends on teachers qualification and teaching experience)
Monthly bonus : 300 USD - 500 USD / month 
Flight reimbursement : 1200 USD ( receive this amount of money at the end of the contract )
12 months health and accident insurance provided 
11 days for Chinese Public Holidays
11 days for annual leave
Orientation & pre-job Training, on-going training and academic support
Free group activities, like trips, parties, Chinese culture forums, experiencing Chinese traditional holidays, etc.
Arrival Support: Airport pick-up
A legal Z Work Visa with work permit provided
1500 USD start-up loan for accommodation (Teachers have to provide their passport and accommodation contract as a guarantee until the loan is paid back in three months)


What we want

3. Requirements for our candidates 

We are looking for 2 Native English teachers who: 

Hold at least a BA degree. 
Hold at least a teaching cert ( TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGCE … ) 
Love working in the education field and willing to learn and grow with the school 
Experience teaching primary school will be a plus point

You need to have the requirements below:

AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

Send us your appplication to [email protected]

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It's worth checking to make sure this is the schools genuine email address. If you're not sure how to do this, we wrote about it here.

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TEFL Cert.
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