Chiba Japan English Conversation Instructor

Chiba Japan English Conversation Instructor

IB Japan is interviewing now! We have opportunities starting in October at our Branch and Franchise locations in Chiba.


We will discuss your placement with you and you'll know where you are going prior to signing the contract.


These are our teachers' responsibilities:


  • Maintaining a professional manner and appearance

  • Lesson planning and organization

  • Providing effective (and engaging) lessons

  • Encouraging a positive and friendly atmosphere at the school

  • Attending teacher meetings and training events

Please visit our website at for more detailed information about our program and our company.



About us

​IB Japan is always seeking professional and passionate teachers. We've been providing English Conversation instruction for our students for more than 30 years. Apply now and join our team!


  • The work schedule is a full-time, 5-day work week or part-time to be discussd
  • Maximum of about 27 hours of teaching in the classroom each week. Overtime is paid for lessons over 1600 minutes in one week
  • In a typical daily schedule, a teacher will see 15% of classes with children under 5 years old, 70% Elementary and Jr. High, and 15% adult or other. We enjoy teaching children!
  • Because we are a conversation school, working hours are usually between 1pm and 9pm.  Exceptions for Saturday classes 
  • All lessons are under an hour: 50 minutes maximum for 3 or more students
  • You see the same students once a week, every week; there are no unexpected changes to your teaching locations
  • Class size is limited to 8 students, to give each student more individual attention.
What we offer
  • 18-month contract; second-year contract is 12 months
  • Full Visa sponsorship (Visas are renewable)
  • 250,000 – 265,000 yen salary range; 250,000 yen is the starting salary for all teachers
  • Contract renewals get permanent salary increases
  • Work-related transportation fees are fully reimbursed each month
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation every year (2 weeks in summer, 2 weeks in winter, 1 week in spring) and 5 Contingency days (personal days) = 30 days total
  • Apartment is company-sponsored and already set up. You don't have to pay any of the start up costs.
  • Apartment is private residence and semi-furnished. Maximum rent is 55,000 yen/month
  • For applicants with pre-existing apartments: different arrangements can be discussed
What we want

Main Requirements

  • Native English speakers ONLY (this is a requisite for the Visa; English has to be your first language)
  • Bachleor's Degree or above (requisite for Visa)
  • ESL / EFL teaching experience preferred
  • Teaching experience with children highly preferred
  • Certificates in teaching (TESL / TESOL / TEFL) are not required, but will improve your chances.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

Include ALL of the following:

  1. YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION - phone number and/or Skype.
  2. RESUME - should be easy to read (.doc/.pdf; no flashy formatting)
  3. BACHELOR'S DEGREE - image or pdf for initial verification only
  4. REFERENCES - from supervisors (two or three)
  5. COVER LETTER – tell us about yourself, when can you begin work
  7. CASUAL PICTURE – tasteful

Submit your information to <[email protected]>

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