Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman

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Clareville House, Oxendon Street
United Kingdom
Company Tel
+44 (0) 207-930-4173

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Northrup Grumman is one of the leading American global security companies. It employs over 68,000 people and in 2010 was the fourth largest defense contractor in the world. 


It has recruited ESL instructors for the Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization Program in the past, it also recruits ESL instructors for ESP positions which cover:


  • Medical 
  • Aviation 
  • Aircraft Maintenance 
  • Air Traffic Control 
  • Navigation

You can find the job search pages for Northrup Grumman here.


Different email addresses are used for applying to jobs depending on the recruiter. In the past Clyde Thomas has recruited for ESL positions: [email protected]

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