M.I.L. The Language Center (MIL)

M.I.L. The Language Center (MIL)

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MIL The Language Center, 1-6-2 Katsutadai
United Kingdom

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MIL Language Centre is a Japanese language school (or eikaiwa). The focus of the EFL classes at MIL is to teach practical English for real communication, its primary goal is to help our students develop and improve their speaking and listening fluency. MIL is based in the Chiba Prefecture and is one the top private English conversation schools in the area, with over 10 schools clustered in the northern area.


The MIL English teaching staff are a unique collection of people, half Americans and half Canadians, from all different parts of North America. 

The whole MIL website is aimed at English teachers.


The email address used for applying to jobs is the same as the general address: [email protected]

Good reviews are really useful and we take them seriously. We ask a lot of questions to make sure, that they provide a well-rounded picture. You can post a review anonymously but we do ask for emails (won't be shown), in case we need to get in touch to clear up spelling, unclear answers etc.

Most importantly, thanks for writing one! A well written review is often the best advice another teacher can have.