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Love China ESL is a fully registered and government compliant recruitment company specializing in the Chinese Education sector headquartered in Dalian China. Our team offers high quality services to provide the best outcomes in the recruitment and employment of personnel for a diverse set of educational roles in China including: ESL and Subject Teachers, Education Consultants, School Administrators, Teacher Trainers, School Managerial Roles, Recruitment and Internships.



Love China ESL’s team is an excellent blend of both Chinese and Western experts with over 20 years’ experience in the Education Sector in China including; Teaching, Training, School Management and Recruiting. This experience allows us to understand and relate to what people are looking for when coming to China and what academies require from the staff they employ allowing for a mutually rewarding opportunity.


Love China ESL was founded to provide a more complete service than was already offered in China for both people coming to work in the education sector and the various educational institutions that are looking for competent teachers and staff. We know it is an important step taking the plunge into the Chinese Education industry so the necessity exists for a company that understands what people coming to China for the first time need and what things they need help with; such as successful on boarding through our induction program including what to expect from their daily life through to cultural awareness and how to avoid culture shock as well as guidance through training to be a successful ESL teacher


All these services were created to help develop a solid foundation for their lives in China so they can be successful at work and in daily life to ensure their experience is a truly memorable one.



We understand recruitment as a mission, with the individual as the most important element in the process. We understand quality education can make a difference in the lives of students in China and this is why our team is fully committed to recruiting competent teachers, for only quality learning institutions across China. We know our relationships with both teachers and schools are mutually beneficial and we continually strive to satisfy each at the highest level possible


Our Values

  • Personal Service that exceeds expectations
  • Demonstrating professionalism, honesty and Integrity
  • Being socially responsible and making a difference in the education community
  • Reliability and Flexibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Care and Attention to Detail

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