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Links Eikaiwa

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785, Hoshikawa
511-0912 Kuwana Mie Prefecture
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Links Eikaiwa is a Tokai based English company with schools in Yokkaichi and Kuwana, MIe Japan. At links the goal is to teach with a natural rythym and let students work independantly in a friendly environment. Thereby being increasing the students confidence to participate in real foreign lnguage situations.


Links aims to give high quality servivce to all it`s customers while supporting teachers and providing an atmosphere where they can use their experience to the best of their abiliity while giving younger teachers a path where they can gain skills.


 Always looking for enthusiastic full-time and part-time teachers, please contact us to if you have any inquiries. Facebook page can be found here.

There is no employment page for Links Eikaiwa.


The email used for applying to jobs: [email protected]

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