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34 Jalan Jawa, Gubeng,
Surabaya Jawa Timur 60281
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031 - 502 3333

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  • Kelt has been in Surabaya more than 30 years.
  • Kelt is the oldest and biggest "native-speaker" school in Surabaya.
  • Kelt is the only school in Surabaya to take students from beginners to advanced (IELTS 8 or Paper Based TOEFL 600+).
  • Kelt alone offers the choice of the same course taught by "native-speaker" teachers or trained local teachers.
  • Kelt is the only school to train its own local teachers.
  • Kelt offers courses for children, young adults, business, and students planning to study abroad.
  • Kelt has more than 70 different levels to ensure that students study with others of the same age, interests and ability.
  • Kelt is unique in having its own purpose built buildings with all the necessary facilities to enhance learning.
  • Kelt allows students to assess their progress according to international standards; not just the school's own standards.
  • Kelt has taught hundreds of students who have passed FCE (First Certificate in English) and CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). These are international examinations from The University of Cambridge.
  • Kelt is a school based on strict academic standards, rather than simply a money-making concern.

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