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Kang Chao International School

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No.80, Dingcheng 5th St., Xindian Dist.
- New Taipei City New Taipei
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Kang Chiao Bilingual School is a bilingual chain of schools, which cover ages from Kindergarten up to Secondary school.


It's main campuses are in New Taipei City, however it's also expanding into Kunshan City, China.


It has recruited for English teachers as well as teachers for other subjects like science and maths.

Average: 1 (1)
Review by: Stephen Philip Whittall
Date Added: 16 Aug 2015
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How supportive was your employer?:
I was given some books and told I'd be charged if I mislaid them. Same for the laptop.
How did your employer manage the administration side?:
Passably. Online registration.
How well did your employer communicate?:
Not well. I was called into a meeting to discuss grading student work during which James Wu ordered me to resign (and pay an illegal 30,000 ntd fine) several times, stating there'd be 'problems' and 'trouble' if I didn't. When this failed, he hired two men to try and physically intimidate me into signing a resignation. Feel free to request the CCTV.
How were day to day lessons and your students?:
Bedlam. Pupils arrived whenever they felt like it, loudly and rudely interrupted classes and did so secure in the knowledge that the principal, Mr. James Wu, could not care less. A brief visit to the school's Secondary Program revealed pupils playing games on their ipads in full view of teachers. Students knew that they'd get grades of 80% or above just got turning up because Kang Chiao fakes its grades. I feel genuinely sorry for those students who did work hard and made effort, as their rights and needs were trampled upon by a corrupt and immature school administration.
Would you recommend this employer to someone else?:
Nope. Their reasons for my dismissal range from 'your students got less than 80%' to 'you don't have the passion go teach' to 'you've been looking at porn during school hours'. I'm waiting for a charge of witchcraft to surface. Avoid the school lunches as well. They've been implicated in the tainted oil products scandal.

The careers page for Kang Chiao Bilingual School can be found here but at the time of writing it's empty. 


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