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Infinitive Language School is a well-known company in St. Petersburg that has provided high-quality language courses for 10 years (opened in 2008).


Exceptional quality is at the core of everything Infinitive does:

  • We have been an official Cambridge English preparation centre since 2015.
  • We are approved Pearson exam centre
  • Our schools teach English, French, German, Spanish and a wide variety of other languages.
  • We use communicative language teaching approach (CLT)


Our academic staff consists of professional native and non-native ESL teachers, Director of Studies and Branch Managers with higher linguistic education, international certificates (CELTA) and extensive teaching experience.


We offer trainings, coaching and support to the teachers who work with us.


At the moment, Infinitive has 5 schools located in different parts of Saint-Petersburg (Russia). Even though all of them are independently run, they are united by common values of the company: high-quality education and communicative approach to teaching languages.


Today new Infinitive branches are opening in best locations and we are looking for new teachers to join our professional team.


Infinitive is ready to recruit teachers who have true passion for teaching with an ongoing will to develop themselves professionally.

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The email used for applying to jobs is: [email protected]

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Most importantly, thanks for writing one! A well written review is often the best advice another teacher can have.