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South Korea
Dowon building 5F, 403-2 Pungnap-2-Dong, Songpa-Gu,
138-879 Seoul Seoul
South Korea
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English has become an international language and in the 21st century with a a global information orientated world, it's ever more important. To be able to stay competitve we have to increase our English ability to the level of the native speaker. 

Practically, learning English to the level of the native speaker is not easy looking at our past education environment. GKI has established back in 1995 holding up the catch phrase "To English. To the world. To the future." in the hope of giving our children, who will take the leading part in the future society, the most efficient and fastest English Education. 

GKI was founded over ten years ago, our program has been tested by the students in our school and we're proud that our efforts to make a better English-learning environment have eventually paid off. 

GKI will do it's best to keep taking on the leading role in English education in Korea and inspire new generations of students, that's our promise.

GKI has several small schools, you can view them here.


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