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Czech Republic
EdCentre School s.r.o., Nádražní 9/2,
757 01 Valašské Meziříčí
Czech Republic
Company Tel
(420) 775 115 040

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Founded in 2003, EdCentre is a small language school based in Valašské Mezirící.


They teach a variety of languages, English, Czech, German and Polish and work with both local businesses and the general public. Classes are typically taught in pairs, a qualified Czech teacher working with a native speaker.


They offer a variety of English courses, both general, business and exam prepartion for Cambridge Exams, the City of Guilds etc. and the students are mostly adult professionals.

Average: 5 (1)
Review by: Marie
Date Added: 12 Dec 2019
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How supportive was your employer?:
EdCentre was extremely supportive, especially with the furnished apt., taking care of my work permit, showing me the businesses that I had to travel to, and just making sure I felt at home in a new country like the Czech Republic.
How did your employer manage the administration side?:
EdCentre has a ingenious online proprietary lesson management program. Easy to use. Great for lesson planning. Most important, we were always paid on time, and paid accurately.
How well did your employer communicate?:
Everything was communicated well. No drama, no problems. The employer (husband and wife) are very understanding.
How were day to day lessons and your students?:
Students are respectful. Czech people tend to be quiet and subdued. The English level was high, so lots of Intermediate level. Students like to talk and are inquisitive.
Would you recommend this employer to someone else?:
Yes, I would recommend this employer. The town of Vsetin is a bit remote, but the cost is much cheaper than a big city. It is a nature's paradise. Fashion isn't important. People you pass don't smile. But they are very gentle-natured and kind. EdCentre has a very good reputation here, and the students seem happy.

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