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Mrd Floor, Gia Thy Bulding, 158 Dao Duy Anh St., Phu Nhuan Dist,
Ho Chi Minh - -
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84 08 3847-6282

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E-SPACE VN's Center for online English language training is a part of Pax creation Ltd. with 100% investment from Japan. This is one of the Training Centers for ‘Online English’ in Vietnam that first applied the teaching and learning model of “1 Teacher - 1 Student” Facility. Established in 10/2012, E-SPACE VN has successfully trained more than 10,000 students across the country and abroad who have studied to improve their English proficiency in a short time.


The courses at E-SPACE VN focus on developing and improving communication skills for the jobs for employees and help train the students’ English skills in every sphere. E-SPACE has trained students wishing to attend competitive exams and certification tests such as IELTS, TOIEC, TOEFL successfully. We also offer English training courses for enterprises in Vietnam. 

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The email used for applying to jobs is: [email protected]

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