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Founded over 8 years ago, the Dialog/Executive Language Center is a private language education company based in Russia with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg.


It employs roughly 200 teachers, a combination of native speaking teachers and Russian trained teachers and works with over 5,000 students.


While 80% of the lessons it provides are either Business English, General English or Russian, it also provides lessons in other languages like German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, French, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese.

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Review by: Rob
Date Added: 04 Aug 2015
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Have you taught or lived abroad before?:
Yes I've worked in several countries in the past.
How supportive was your employer?:
Usually employers are very helpful and supportive so as to get the best out of you but ELC Dialog was awful as they seemed to simply want to scam the teachers.
How did your employer manage the administration side?:
Again awful, there seemed to be a complete lack of coordination between the admin staff or lack of preparation and would simply hand teachers handouts with no explaination of what was expected right before lessons.
How well did your employer communicate?:
Ron's idea of communication was to shout at everybody to show his authority, mostly for the mistakes made by the admin which ultimately were blamed teachers for being unprepared, there are only about 7 - 10 native teachers and the same number of Russian teachers.
How were day to day lessons and your students?:
In general fine, the students were always open for the lessons.
Would you recommend this employer to someone else?:
No, this company would just be a mistake for any teacher, its just basically a waste of time and energy.

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