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The Unidad Académica Campesina‐Carmen Pampa (UAC‐CP) is a college in rural Bolivia that provides access to higher education for poor, indigenous youth. The UAC‐CP is partly funded by the Carmen Pampa Fund (CPF), a non-profit organisation working out of St. Paul Minnesota that generates resources to help assist and develop the growth of UAC-CP. THE UAC-CP is internationally recognized for both its unique approach and ability to address and dissipate root causes of poverty.


The UAC‐CP relies on English‐speaking professional visitors to supplement and execute the College’s English program. The Language Department is committed to the campus‐wide implementation of a comprehensive, standardized English curriculum using the American English File series from Oxford University Press.

There is no careers page for the Carmen, however they do have pdf job description for English Teachers you can find here.


The email used to apply for jobs is: [email protected]

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