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South Korea
First Tower 8F, 266-1, Seohyeon-dong,
463-824 Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do
South Korea
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Avalon is one of the largest private language chains in Korea and you can find its language schools almost everywhere. It describes it's commitment as follows:


Avalon’s Commitment


We will continue to recruit only the most talented local and native English Instructors in the international community to provide the best language education program possible.


We will strive to ensure our students can achieve their personal academic language goals in the areas of English language proficiency, admissions preparation to specialised high schools and improvement on the TOEFL.


We will provide timely and precise information on admission requirements and foreign language education opportunities while maintaining unparalleled performance in student management.

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The email used for applying to jobs is: [email protected]

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