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We started with a privately owned English conversation school in 1990. Two years later, Mrs. Nagahara established a company called Active English School (AES). This developed into us providing Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) to the Japanese public school system in Shiojiri-city, Nagano-prefecture in 2005, and we subsequently started Active Personnel (AP).

AES and AP are both located in Shiojiri city, Nagano prefecture - with the Japanese Alps in the background. It is centrally located between Tokyo, Nagoya and Nagano-city. 


Living in Shiojiri isn't like living a giant city like Tokyo. Shiojiri is in rural Japan and it's surrounded by orchards, vineyards, rice fields, and vegetable farms. The locally grown specialties include the largest and juiciest apples you've ever seen, and sweet grapes which are also used to make local wine.  The landscape offers a bit of everything: from hiking the mountains that surround it, to swimming in local rivers, and biking through the rice fields.

Shiojiri has four distinct seasons. Summer is hot and dry, but it can be stormy; Autumn is a cool relief after the heat of summer, and the leaves display their incredible shades of red, orange and yellow; Winter is cold (-10 degrees Celsius) and snowy, and it's easy to become addicted to skiing and snowboarding on the nearby slopes; Spring is warm and nature comes back to life after it's Winter rest, with the highlight undoubtedly being the appearance of the beautiful cherry blossoms.

As the teachers come from different English speaking countries, the students are able to experience a diverse range of English accents, giving them a greater grasp of the English language. Coming from different countries, the teachers bring with them a diversity in teaching techniques, activities and games to add to the ever expanding reserve.

The careers page for the English Gate Academy can be found here.
The email used for applying to jobs is: [email protected]

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