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Abraham Academy

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No. 135, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Rd
110 Taipei Taipei City
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When you step in the door of Abraham Academy, you can feel the warmth and comfort of our school. The students at Abraham Academy are brought up to be responsible adults, ones  who know the true value of life and thus become blessings of the society. We encourage our students to realize their own full academic potential in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. 

Alongside literacy, we also put our emphasis on morality and lecture our students on virtue, persistence, and self-discipline. Each month in our auditorium we have a special gathering called “Versatile”. Our precious students gather and listen carefully to Mr. Kuo’s speech to absorb the essence from moral stories and become better people. 

In addition to the established disciplines, we strongly believe in the value of educational visits and associated projects in class. We expect high standards of behavior and children are encouraged to develop proper manners, good habits and respect not only for themselves but for others.

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