Where does the world go on holiday?

Where is the most popular place in the world to go on holiday? Do the Brits all go on holiday in France? Do the Chinese go to Spain when they fancy a break?

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We choose a series of representative search terms for example ("holidays in france"), translated them into the main language(s) for each country and measured the search volume as a proxy for where people would like to go on holiday. All the data below was gathered from the following search engines, Google, Naver & Baidu. There are two areas where the data became more unreliable and has been left out, first the results became less reliable as internet penetration dropped, we set the cut off at 45%. Secondly if a the population of a country is very small the data also became un-reliable, so a number of small islands are missing data.

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All Britains want is a little sun

If we don't have to go on holiday at home, what do Britains really enjoy? We love the sun. Their favourite countries 8 out of the top 10 destination are known for their beaches.

  • 4.5% - Uruguay
  • 4.3% - Brazil
  • 2.8% - Cuba
  • 2.5% - United Kingdom
  • 2.3% - Spain
  • 1.8% - Chile
  • 1.0% - Costa Rica
  • 1.0% - Argentina
  • 1.0% - United States
  • 1.0% - France
  • 1.0% - Italy
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