13 hours and 18 minutes

Possibly the most well known film critic, if you want to broaden your knowledge of film Roger Ebert's list of great films is a fantastic place to start.

Better still there's a small plugin on each movie review, which shows all of the various on-demand & subscription services that currently have the movie available.

watch all of Roger Ebert's classic films

10 hours and 32 minutes

Thanks to the quality of apps like Duolingo and Busuu you can start learning a language easily and for free. If you get hooked and want a tutor, then you can start looking locally or online with resources like Craigslist, or Verbling.

learn a language

5 hours and 23 minutes

There is no definitive list of the greats of literature, but The Greatest Books uses some clever weighting of different book awards to create an excellent one.

16 of these books can be found free on Project Gutenburg (a free archive for ebooks) and the rest, on Amazon.

read the top 25 greatest books

4 hours and 54 minutes

175 words a day will get you to an average sized novel in a year. Once you've started putting pen to paper, then you might want to start reading more about writing. If you're struggling with the mindset then take a look at Bird by Bird and Becoming a Writer.

If you want information on the craft of writing, Self Editing for Fiction Writers, How to Write and On Writing Well are all excellent places to start.

Finally join a community, whether it's an online one like Writers Cafe, /r/writing, or a local one.

write the first draft of a novel

4 hours and 36 minutes

Dinner parties are a great excuse to have friends over and show off your cooking.

Pinterest is the mother of all inspiration sources, a simple search for dinner parties will throw up a huge number of ideas and popular food sites like BBC Good Food, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith all have dinner party specific sections.

have a dinner party each month

4 hours and 10 minutes

It's never too late to start. Khan Academy originally began as a series of maths Youtube videos and it's only got better since then; it's interactive maths course is one of the best around. A combination of videos, interactive exercises and an engaged community make it a great place to start.

learn (or relearn) maths

3 hours and 44 minutes

If you're starting the gym and looking to get stronger you can't go wrong with the 5x5 program. It's quick and focuses on the big strength exercises. Stronglifts has a detailed explanation of the whole program.

If you still need more information on how to do the exercises and on good form, then take a look at Alan Thrall's videos which are excellent. Eat well, sleep well and get to it!

get stronger

3 hours and 43 minutes

The Samaritans is one of the most immediately rewarding charities, it provides a 24 hour, 7 day helpline to give support to anyone who should need it and creates a safe space where people can talk. You can sign-up to volunteer here.

become a samaritan

2 hours and 38 minutes

The easiest way to find local sports teams is just to ask around, your work might even have one. There are also good online resources, like Gumtree and Player Wanted in the UK, and Sportsvite in the US.

join a local sports team

2 hours and 25 minutes

The Big Brother/Big Sister organisation takes volunteers and has them mentor disadvantaged children. It allows people to have a real impact on the life of someone in need. You can find their US site here and international site here.

become a big brother/sister

2 hours and 18 minutes

Calligraphy is the art of writing. Taking an offline workshop is the best way to learn, if you're in the UK then Hot Courses & Craft Courses are good places to start your search.

In the US, if you're in LA, NY or Chicago, then Course Horse is worth looking at, otherwise you'll need to search locally.

learn calligraphy

1 hour and 34 minutes

There are plenty of amazing resources for learning how to create a website. Code Academy and Dash are both free high quality interactive courses and Shay Howe's HTML & CSS course is also excellent.

If you're willing to put some money out there, then Treehouse have a series of comprehensive courses that cover various programming languages, including a course for building a website from scratch.

learn how to build a website

1 hours and 31 minutes

There are plenty of great healthly eating resources to help you find your two meals. BBC Good Food and Good House Keeping are two of the most popular, but there are plenty of smaller communities and blogs too.

The reddit community /r/fitmeals, has plenty of great ideas as well as blogs, like Fit Men Cook which is aimed at gym goers, or Naturally Ella which is aimed at vegetarians.

There are also meal services, like Gousto and Hello Fresh in the UK and Blue Apron in the US, where you choose meals and they'll send all the ingredients, ready to cook, straight to your door.

cook at least 2 healthy meals a week

1 hour and 22 minutes

Bupa have an excellent set of marathon plans. If you're starting from scratch then their "beginner to 5k" plans and 5k to Marathon" plans will take you all the way there.

run a marathon

1 hour and 2 minutes

You can find a quick list here or pore through all the reviews here. Obviously you can get all of the albums on demand, but now that the Beatles are included in the Spotify catalogue, you can also stream nearly all of them from Spotify.

listen to the Rolling Stone's top 100 albums

55 minutes

Some people write one every day, others just once a week; writing more not only has actual health benefits, but it will also give you something to look back on. If you fancy making it public, put your thoughts on a blog instead.

keep a journal

48 minutes

The economy has a huge effect on the world and the day to day news we read. The Khan Academy, has a series of excellent economics videos, covering everything from basic economics to the Geithner plan, which will give you a new level of insight on the news.

discover how the economy works

46 minutes

Most people associate scuba diving with tropical countries like Thailand and Bali, but you can learn it anywhere. The two most popular beginning qualifications are the PADI and SSI Open Water qualifications and for all intents and purposes they're identical.

Both PADI and SSI provide a search to find training centers.

learn to scuba dive

46 minutes

Getting on stage is incredibly rewarding, you'll meet new people and have a fantastic time. In the UK, DramaUK is the best place to find courses, in the US, Yelp often has a good selection of local schools, as well as Backstage.

start acting

45 minutes

There are plenty of great resources out there for aspiring guitarists, but none really beat Justin Guitar. They're all free and Justin is an excellent teacher. Get started with his beginners course and beginners song series.

learn basic guitar

43 minutes

Looking to dive into the world of apps? Treehouse has two excellent courses, aimed at iOS and Android development respectively which are great places to get yourself up and running.

Unlike for websites, finding top quality free resources is a little harder. Look for places to learn, Swift/Objective-C (for iOS) and Java (for Android), Ray Wenderlich also has an extensive series of tutorials and Google created a getting started course on Udacity.

learn how to make a basic app

40 minutes

Starter kits are a great way to make your first brew, if you're in the UK, the Independent has a recommended list, if you're in the US, then two of the most popular makes are the Northern Brewer & Midwest Supplies starter kits.

Once you've got your teeth into it there's a very passionate community and plenty of good resouces like Brew Your Own, Homebrewing.org and How To Brew to keep you going.

brew a years supply of beer

40 minutes

High intensity interval training (or HITT) involves alternating short bursts of intense exercise and is an extremely time friendly way of getting fit. The ACSM has a useful introduction here.

When you're ready to go, Darebee provides several excellent, simple HIIT programs, complete with timer.

get fit with HIIT

29 minutes

Take a weekend's photo course to learn the ins and outs of your camera and an online course to learn how to use Lightroom and you'll see a dramatic improvement in your photos.

In UK Going Digital is a great resource for weekend courses. If you're in the US and in a larger city, then sites like Course Horse or camera manufactures (e.g. Nikon or Canon) list some and you might have also have to search locally. When it comes to online Lightroom courses, both Udemy & Lynda offer a number of well priced comphrehensive Lightroom courses.

learn to take better photos