What's being worked on? Time for a new weekly blog.

(What's that, you want more random photos? Good news I've got hundreds of pointless ones I've taken and no money for stock photos.)


I figured it would probably be useful to have a weekly update where I talk about what's being worked on and what's just been finished. That way when I fall behind everyones got a place they can come and complain.


So Jan 2014, the week starting on the 20th, here's what's going on.




I just got the Chinese translation for the site back, so that should go up this week. Because the site is still changing quite quickly I already have more things I need translating, so one or two paragraphs aren't going to exist for a bit, but it's not the worst problem.


In case it's not obvious I should point out that the adverts will always be in English. So why bother translating the menu text and fields?


Because that'll make the job adverts better.


I get confused trying to navigate around Google Translated Chinese sites, I'm sure they have exactly the same problem with ours. To help make the job adverts better and more useful I've put instructions alongside the form you post a job with.  But that's completely useless if you can't understand them. 


If someone's posting job adverts in English, they can probably get the gist of English, but subtleties like the difference between "Total Contract Hours" and "Teaching Contract Hours" might be missed. 


There's also general types of adverts I'd like to avoid, like giant lists of jobs. Again it's something i think will be difficult to tell people without having it in their mother tongue.


Job Post Field Updates


Salary can now be a range. Fairly self-explanatory. Not quite sure why I didn't do that to begin with.


Knowledge Base


A blog is great, but it's not easy to search and useful stuff can get buried very easily, especially 101 basic posts etc. I want to create a knowledge base, (can't think of a less prentious name: suggestions welcome) which'll hold all the basic information and be a useful portal if you're new. 


I don't see any point making up new content if someone's made something great already, so as well as anything created here it'll be filled with links to everything else thats great and useful.


I've just started mock-ups so it'll probably be a couple weeks depending on how fed up I get with promotion. Which leads me onto:




There's less website work going on at the moment because I'm mostly focused on promotion. Email, social media, all that fun stuff.


I want to be part of the community, but for a life long Twitter avoider it's taking a bit effort. Is there anything that feels less like productive work than Twitter?


That's the most of it for this week. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and battle against Gmail's incredibly frustrating label system.