4th Mar 14: What's being worked on?

Ok so this probably should've been two weeks ago.  I won't be bumping it to a month this time, I'll just try to keep up for the next entry. Very easy to put off blogging as it turns out. 


So what's being worked on?


Knowledge Base


You might've spotted we've now got a knowledge base! I talked about this awhile back and it's ended up coming around a little quicker than I expected.


Now it's been made the focus moves to building it out. This will take time, simply because it takes quite a lot of time to research an area properly. 


I think the Country Profiles will be really useful so they're definitely up next. I have my own priority list, but if you think a particular area would be really useful and should be looked into first drop me an email or leave a comment. 


Job Adverts Re-vamp


You might've spotted the style of the job adverts has changed and they're now divided into 4-5 sections. One of the advantages about running a job site for a niche area that you have over the more general job sites is you can structure the adverts in a way which might only make sense for a particular type of job.


Why do you want the structure? Sadly because people make terrible job adverts. It might be through laziness, not thinking enough about it or in the rarer cases deliberately leaving out information. Plus in TEFL we have the added problem that English isn't a lot of people's first language.


What I'm hoping splitting up the job description will do, is force everyone into a logical structure for their adverts and make sure each advert has certain bits of information. For example everyone has to fill in the "What we want" and "What we offer" sections.


That's the structure so far and I want to add more structure when it's possible. Structure should make job adverts easier to read and hopefully also easier to post.


I also want to improve out the way company information is provided. At the moment, the company can put it into the job advert, but it's easily forgotten (or people don't bother to put it in) and so I want to have it drawn from the profiles. 


More content


This is a big one. TEFL covers a huge number of different experiences across countries and careers. My favourite way to learn about something is read the experiences of someone who's done what I want to do and I'm hoping to do something along the lines of that for eslSearch. 


At the moment my thoughts are an interview series, possibly weekly, twice weekly etc.  I'll then categorise and tag up everything and stick it into an easily searchable archive when I've got enough, to help people find people like them. 


That's it for moment. The consolation of no blogging is it means I'm doing more useful work!