3rd Feb 14: What's being worked on? Now a bi-weekly blog.

(This weeks un-related photo is from the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver.)


Why bi-weekly? Because as it turns out not enough interesting things happen in a week. So welcome to my new bi-weekly series: What's being worked on. Starting at the beginning of February 2014.


Good News


Languages are now up and working. At the moment we've only got Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Mandarin) but hopefully I'll be able to get some more soon. 


I had the whole site manually translated into Traditional Chinse and then converted that into simplified. As it turns out translating Traditional to Simplified it wasn't as simple as I'd first hoped. Thankfully it's a lot easier that way around. One simplified character could be multiple traditional characters but thankfully there aren't many the other way around.


It still needs to be proof read so there may be one or two errors in the simplified part. 


The Knowledge Base


This is where I'm sinking most of my spare time at the moment. Still working on mock-ups but I think I now have a pretty good organised structure for it. 


I'm trying very hard to avoid style over functionality. Don't get me wrong, I also want it to look great, but I see a lot of webdesign that seems uncessarily flashy or has put style over how you would actually want to use it.


The current design is based pretty heavily on tabs. Tabs for each main area, a dropdown menu for countries and then tabs within each of the country profiles.


Applying for Jobs


Two overhauls planned here.


First: An extra field on the job adverts which allow the employer to choose if they want people to apply by email or go to their website.

Second: Extra document fields to apply with. The main one missing is references and I may also create an extra blank field for less common documents which don't need their own field.


Increasing the School Database


I've got a big list of new schools that I need to input onto the school database when I get a minute. At the moment it still only contains mostly Chinese schools.