18th Mar 14: What's being worked on? (we're now teflSearch!)


Spot the big difference? We're now teflSearch rather than eslSearch!


teflSearch over eslSearch


What does it mean? Nothing really it's just a name and even the logo is pretty much the same. So why bother you ask?


Two reasons:


1. It means we get a .com rather than a .net. 


It's a pretty small difference but as .com is the most commonly assumed domain extension for a website hopefully when someone tells their friend "I found my job on teflSearch" they'll probably go to teflSearch.com rather than teflSearch.net.


2. A more specific and hopefully relevent name


Let's take someone googling for "esl worksheets". It could be a teacher, but it could also be a pupil hoping to find worksheets to improve their English with. 


"tefl worksheets" on the other hand can only be for teachers.


I'd prefer EFL to TEFL if I had the choice. It's more modern and not quite as dated, but TEFL is still in wide use and I'd prefer to be slightly more old fashioned, than to confuse people who wonder if EFL is the same as TEFL.


The caveat here is that I'm a small business. If I was the largest site in the TEFL area, changing from TEFL to EFL might help modernise and move away from TEFL, but as the small guy that probably won't happen.


Interview Series


This has been the other main place I've been focusing my attention.


When you start a new career or go on a year out, you want to talk to people who've done the same thing. 


That's what I'm hoping to do here, interview people from all cross sections of teaching English, across countries, types of school, different positions and so on. I'll interview them and hopefully together we can learn from them. 


Teaching English can be a difficult to career to progress in, it's easy to stagnate. Unlike the corporate world there's no-one pushing you to better yourself, no-one trying to get you to grow or offering you the next career steps. I'm hoping by interviewing in as many positions in this industry as possible will give some insight into the various career paths you can go, how you get there and how to make sure you can keep going with your career.


(Today's random image is from Milford Sound in NZ. It's raining. Because it always rains in Milford.)