16th Sep 14: What's being worked on?

(This weeks un-related photo is coming at you from the bear filled mountains of Romania.)


Wow, another blog post. It only took five months. It won’t be five months before the next one but it’s been a very busy five months and as it turns out I am terrible about remembering to blog.


Far too many changes to count


It seems almost a little pointless to recap five months now because if you’ve been using the site then you can hardly have missed the changes, but a very quick shortened list: a new slick responsive design and better mobile experience, a faster search, a better more powerful search, revamped teacher profiles and employer profiles. South Korea is now in the Knowledge Base and hopefully Thailand or Spain will be coming soon.




There’s been one big side project, a re-design for #ELTChat.


#ELTChat is a community of ELT teachers who take part in weekly discussions on Twitter all around teaching English. The community proposes the topics, votes on them and every Wednesday at 12pm or 21:00 GMT they discuss them.


It’s brilliant, exactly the sort of thing Twitter should be used for. The topics are insightful and 141 characters stops people from waffling on.


I wanted to join in and help out the community, I’m not a teacher but their website wasn’t very good so I built them a new one.


If you’re at all interested in professional development definitely check it out. They’re a great bunch of people and it’s a really good place to meet new teachers, network and discuss teaching English!


The Perspective Series


I really like the perspective series, but there haven’t been any for a while. Why not?


This is pretty much just because I haven’t had any time. teflSearch is still very much a one man company, so there is endless prioritising and reshuffling of things. The Perspective Series takes quite a lot of time, the interviews are long and editing them takes even longer.


More will be coming, hopefully in the next month or two, but it depends on a lot on how my workload ends up.


What’s coming up?


In short, more content! To expand on that slightly: more country specific entries for the knowledge base, I’ll continue to fill out the employer database and hopefully they’ll be some space for the Perspective Series.


I’m also working a number of user changes to make the experience for logged in users even smoother.