Wow 5 months since my last post. I am truly terrible at blogging. It has been a super busy five months though. In this post we briefly recap, #ELTChat, a slick new design, the Perspective Series and what is coming next.
16 Sep 2014
A new front page and knowledge base menu, say hello to job alerts, Korea is coming next and how to improve reviews.
27 May 2014
This is part 2 of our interview with Richelle, in this part we cover teaching 1000's of students, what an average day is like and learning Mandarin.
15 May 2014
A great interview with Richelle, an English teacher in a Chinese high school. This first part covers what can go wrong, why location is so important and why she'd still recommend teaching in China.
15 May 2014
This is part 2 of our interview with Stacie, in this part we cover what's it's like living and teaching in Japan, the connection of teachers to their students and community.
27 Mar 2014
This is a wonderful interview with Stacie, a kindergarten teacher in Japan. This first part covers her getting out there, problems with her first job and finding jobs.
27 Mar 2014
We're now teflSearch. Why? Read on. Also an interview series is on the way and more career advice with it.
18 Mar 2014
The knowledge base is up and running, more information on structuring job adverts and the beginning of content plans.
04 Mar 2014
Languages are up and running. Well Chinese anyway. The Knowledge Base is coming along nicely, unfortunately no better names yet. Other area's to touch on: Increasing the School Database and Applying for Jobs.
03 Feb 2014