Great Teaching Positions In Many Cities!!

Great Teaching Positions In Many Cities!!

We currently have a wide range of teaching positions in a variety of subjects! All positions are available for immediate start. We have positions for non-natives and teachers who do not hold a bachelor's degree.

Teaching hours are between 15 and 30 hours a week. We are currently recruiting for Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Changzhou, Xiamen and many other cities as well.


Our offers include the following:


-Basic salary from 10000 RMB and 40000 RMB per month (including housing stipend)


-16 – 22 days paid leave as well as a performance bonus and an end of contract bonus


-Comprehensive initial training program, with follow-up training and regular workshops to develop your skills as a teacher


-Generous holiday allowance allowing for some great trips around China and Asia


-Full Visa support and welcome, including a hotel stay and help finding an apartment


-Health insurance


-Comprehensive welfare support to assist with every aspect of moving China




Here are some examples of the positions we have available:





School name: Helen Doran English



Job responsibilities:

1. Teach quality English lessons to our students

2. Prepare lesson plans in advance

3. Make classes interesting  

4. Maintain a good classroom atmosphere

5. Participate in teaching and research activities and training to learn, and continuously improve the teaching ability.


Job qualifications:

A passion for teaching children

Native English speaker

1-5 years children's English training experience is preferred.

Bachelor’s degree and above

Good English communication skills, standard pronunciation.

Teaching license or certification:TEFL, TESOL or CELTA



Job Type: Full-time

Salary: 10000-20000 RMB /70 teaching hours per month

Bonus: Overtime is paid at 200RMB per class

Schedule: 1-8pm on weekdays and 9am-6pm on weekends, 2 days off per week.






Position: Literature Teacher

Location: Haidian

Type of School: Language School

Salary: 16,000-19,000 RMB

Students’ age: 3-12

Schedule: 25 teaching hours

Housing: Not provided

Airfare: 8,000 after one year contract

Start up loan: 10,000 for accommodation

Hotel Reimbursement: 1,200 RMB






School’s Name: Hongen English School

Job Title: ESL teacher

Type of School: Training center

Location: Tianjin

Contract Length: One year

Work Hours: 37 office hours (37 working hours including 16.5 teaching hours)

Youngest Student: 3

Highest Age Student: 8

Curriculum Provided?: Yes

Salary: 20000-25000RMB

Accommodation Included?: No

Bonus: after one year airplane ticket






School Name: The Family Learning House Jianwai SoHo Campus

School Website:

School Location: near Guomao station on subway  line 1,Beijing.

Schedule: Mon-Fri 8AM -4:40PM

Students’ Age: 3-6 years old

Class Size: 18-28 kids

Salary: 18k-22k after tax

Airfare: Reimbursed after completion of one year contract






Type of school: Language School

Position: ESL Teacher

Salary: 17k-40k

Student Ages: 4-65

Schedule: 40 hour workweek / 23-25 teaching hours per week

Airfare: After completion of one year work agreement

Housing: Provided






School Name: AEIB English School

Salary: 13k-17k per month

Schedule: 25 teaching hours per week out of 40 office hours

Work week: 5 days on/2 days off

Students’ Age: 3-12

Accommodation: Apartment Provided

Airfare: Paid after completion of one year contract







School’s Name: Rise English School

Job Title: ESL teacher

Type of School: Language School

Location: Shanghai

Contract Length: one year

Class Hours: 30

Office Hours: 10

Lowest age Student: 3

Highest Age Student: 12

Curriculum Provided?: Yes

Salary: 17000-25000 RMB/mo.

Accommodation Included?: Yes

Accommodation Utilities Included? No

Two days off per week







Position: Art, P.E., Music, or ESL Teacher

Salary: 10k-14k

Student Ages: 5-18

Schedule: 20 teaching hours per week

Airfare: After completion of one year work agreement

Housing: Provided




Changchun and Jilin cities


Position: ESL Teacher (all age groups)

Salary: 9k-13k RMB / month

Accommodation: Provided
Airfare: Reimbursed after one year

Bonuses: Free training, free Chinese classes, work visa


Types of Schools:


Kindergarten: 25 hours per week max, Monday to Friday, few children per class


Primary school & Middle school: usually around 20-25 classes per week with 40 students


College & Universities: often 16-25 hours per week, universities ask for high quality lessons.


Training centers: lessons usually on evenings and weekends, mixed age. Teachers need to be able to adapt to different requirements depending on age. Pay varies with hours taught.


All wages vary depending on experience, location and hours taught.





We hope to hear from you soon!

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Global Recruiting is a company currently undergoing registration in Hong Kong. We specialize in talent acquisition and assist companies all over Asia with finding the people they need. It is very important to us that our candidates are able to make comfortable, smooth transitions and that the companies we work with are able to further the success of their institution through our ability to locate top-notch talent.

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If you would like to discuss these opportunities or see what other opportunities we have available, email a recent picture and updated CV to or add teddy.salonek on Skype.


To expedite your application, please download WeChat on your smartphone, then search for and add my Wechat ID: Jadien 


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