Online ESL Teachers (Part-time/Full-time)

Online ESL Teachers (Part-time/Full-time)

Teaching 1-on-1 online English language classes to motivated working adults (via Skype) in Russia (Moscow, St-Petersburg and other big cities)

About us

"TOKI" is the team of passionate managers, teachers and programmers who decided to collect the best world experience of teaching and modern technology to ensure that students were able to take advantage of individual learning English online.

We truly believe that can reduce the period of teaching English using modern technology to make learning more effective and personalized.

As an organization, today we are still very young, but we are gathering a team of professionals from all over the world who are willing to work for the result and breakthrough in the field of teaching foreign languages. Our goal is to create the ecosystem, which will not replace teachers, but to make its work more effective, and the student to develop skills and experience in a real environment.

What we offer

Teachers receive a base pay of US $10-$16/hour based on experience. There are also bonuses available for the lessons taught. 

What we want
  • A native speaker of English.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (eg Education, Linguistics, Languages).
  • ESL teaching experience or a current teaching certification.
  • Sincere desire to teach and develop in innovative and international company.
  • An ability to build a rapport with students.
  • A fast internet connection, audio/video capability, and a quiet and professional-looking space.
  • Available during peak hours (6:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM GMT+3 Mon-Fri)

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
Currently Living in Country
Can Legally Work in Country

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
How to apply

To apply send your SV to [email protected] or fill in the form on In case you find our offer suitable, please let us know your available time for a short conversation and your Skype ID, we'd like to talk to you in person.


Extra Information

If you are interested in the field of DIGITAL PEDAGOGY and you'd like to inreach your experience in the use of digital technologies to enhance the teaching of English, please JOIN OUR TEAM because we are really passinate about teaching with digital technology in a principled and effective way.



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